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Lawn care Bellingham wa, Perhaps the lawn is struggling, or perhaps you’ve just relocated to a new residence and your grass has become unappealing? Does your grass need cutting?  Do you have brown or yellow patches? Are weeds threatening to take over? Are chinch bugs, mosquitoes or other pests making it impossible to enjoy your outdoor living space?

If any of this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. Our lawn care Bellingham wa crews are able to handle yards of all shapes and sizes. After all, no two lawns are the same, so we cater our services to the unique needs of your lawn.

Lawn care Bellingham wa, lawn treatments 

These are the lawn treatments steps, Service79 lawn care Bellingham wa, will do to your lawn if you hire us 


Lawn care Bellingham wa, The majority of lawns require an aeration procedure that is carried out every three or four years. A machine with tubes made of metal approximately one-half inches in diameter is laid over your lawn, penetrating a few inches deep into the turf in order to eliminate the turf plugs and soil, then put them back on the surface. The holes that result are able to let in air, water fertilizer, humus-producing organic matter into roots. The holes allow the soil space to relax, which allows for more efficient root growth as well as better circulation of air and water through the lawn.

Since it’s labor-intensive, Aeration is typically an added-on service to lawn care service contracts, usually costing at over $30 per one square foot of grass. It’s a fairly simple task that you can perform at home by hiring an aeration device that is a hybrid of the lawn mower and a tiller. If you’ve never worked with one before, you can hire us the best lawn care Bellingham wa and we will do it properly with a fair price, call us now at …………..

Lawn care Bellingham wa


Though it’s costly however, many lawns can benefit from planting (or “overseeding”) each autumn. New seeds can help fill in the areas of thinned-out and create a more dense lawn that discourages pests and weeds, and introduce a grass variety with better disease and insect resistance to an existing lawn or even add a new grass type for the region. For instance, fine fescue could be planted in a place with a dense shade, in which the taller fescues and Kentucky bluegrass do not thrive.

Lawn care Bellingham wa, offers only a small amount of seeding for no charge However, call us now and get a free estimate. The majority of them charge for large tasks. If you’re planning you can do the job yourself, be sure that the seed comes in contact with soil using the rake to mix the soil beneath your lawn, and then apply a thin topcoat of compost or soil following spreading the seeds. Certain lawn care companies begin seeding with Aeration. 


Lawn care Bellingham wa, application of fertilizer provides your lawn with more nutrients to boost the health of your lawn. The majority of lawn care professionals advise fertilizing 3 to 6 times per year, based on the need. However, most turfgrasses in lawns will benefit the most from autumn fertilizations.

There are three fertilizers: fast-release synthetics, slower-release synthetic as well as slow-release organic (organic).

A fertilizer that releases quickly gives grass a rapid dose of nutrition that results in rapid growth of leaves and greening. However, this spurt of growth could take energy away from the growth of a healthy root system. A lawn that receives fast-release fertilizer five or six times a year could look nice when the weather is nice but its weak root structure can result in it drying out at a later date. Call  the best Lawn care Bellingham wa at this number…….

Slow-release synthetic fertilizers offer lawns the ability to have a steady and gradual amount of nutrients. However, their drawback is that they don’t provide rapid results. Some formulations can cause no effect for weeks after conditions are favorable or when they’ve been activated by soil nutrients. However, the consistent lower amount of nitrogen that these fertilizers offer will allow grass to develop solid roots, without abrupt shifts of energy towards the growth of leaves.

The third broad category of fertilizer types–natural, slow-release fertilizers–consists of all types that are not synthesized. Some examples include dry blood, dried fish emulsions, manure, as well as processed sewage. They are often called “organic,” a word that is used in a loose manner by lawn care firms eager to increase sales. An accurate definition would be “natural, nonsynthetic” fertilizers.

As with other synthetic slow-release fertilizers all natural fertilizers require action from soil microbes before nutrients are available to grass.

However, natural fertilizers can be costly, in part due to the fact that you’ll have to use four times the amount of it as you would with synthetic.

If you do apply fertilizer on your own, don’t think that the more you apply, particularly when using the synthetic. Because it’s essentially an ingredient of salt, the use of too much synthetic fertilizer may “burn” your lawn, and the excess fertilizer can pollute the watershed, or call Lawn care Bellingham wa to o fertilizers to your lawn 

Controlling Weeds

Lawn care Bellingham wa service79 has a variety of methods to manage the weeds:

Competitors. The best way is to remove the weeds by using turfgrasses. A healthy, robust lawn will have fewer grasses since the unwanted plants cannot be competitive. Properly mowing and seeding will ensure a non-weedy lawn.

Herbicides that are pre-emergent. You can apply an herbicide which kills seed sprouts; this is what lawn care firms typically do to manage poa annua and crabgrass. Once a lawn is seeded, the majority of pre-emergent herbicides shouldn’t be used until the grass that you want to control has grown or the new grass will die or be diminished (one kind that is a pre-emergent herbicide for grass that contains siduron is a good choice for the newly-sown grass). Because you aren’t sure in advance the areas where weeds are likely to grow and where they will grow, pre-emergent herbicides should be applied to all areas that are likely to be the ideal habitat for weedgrasses. While some lawn care firms apply treatment to all lawns however, others limit their treatments to lawns that have a history of weed issues or even to the most vulnerable areas of those lawns. Contact Lawn care Bellingham wa for free estimate now.

Herbicides that are post-emergent. While no pre-emergent herbicides are widely used for broadleaf weeds, such as clover and dandelions and dandelion, there are herbicides for postemergence use that kill these plants but without killing the grasses they want to kill. Certain lawn care firms apply post-emergent herbicides to each lawn, killing both visible plants as well as small, not-yet-appearing plants. Lawn care Bellingham wa service79 limit the use of herbicides only to lawns with background of weed problems or visible weeds and others only treat lawns in which the weeds are evident. Call Bellingham wa lawn care for free estimate now 

Removal by physical means. In small lawns with a few weeds, physical removal is an option. You can use the asparagus knife to slice the roots. A lot of lawn care firms do not provide such a laborious service. But at Bellingham lawn care we offer this service, call us now for a free estimate

Natural death. Weeds die off. If the problem isn’t extreme, you can let nature run its course. Actually, it’s usually the only option that’s practical once the weeds have grown.

When deciding on a business, or deciding which one of the programs offered by a company Lawn care Bellingham wa to go with, be aware that weeds are for most part wildflowers or grasses that have sprung up in the wrong areas. If you can tolerate some sloppy flora (consider the bright colors! ) If you can, you might be able to save some cost, hassle and being exposed to the herbicides.

Controlling Insects

Bellingham wa lawn care, All lawns are prone to pests that are harmful; weather and other conditions can create conditions that could cause significant harm. Similar to weeds, many harmful insects prefer sunny places. A lush, well-maintained lawn can deter widespread bugs and the majority of turfgrasses are resistant to the majority of insect attacks.

Many lawn care in Bellingham wa providers treat the entire lawns they manage with insecticides at times when damage from insects is expected. This lowers the chance that a business will need to be contacted between scheduled visits, and decreases the chance that clients are unhappy with the loss of lawns for the duration of the season. 

However, insecticides can destroy beneficial insects that feed on harmful insects as well as other harmful species. The use of insecticides can also harm earthworms that can contribute to the health of the lawn. This is why the use of a large amount of insecticides could make lawns more vulnerable than it was before the problem. From a social view, the widespread application of insecticides could cause additional danger to lawns, in that the possibility that insect strains resistant to pesticides are likely to grow.

To stop companies from using pesticides, make sure that any company you deal with employ a targeted method of control, or accept to stop using pesticides entirely. If a business plans to apply pesticides in the future, ask what the reasons are, and if it’s acceptable to not use it. We at Lawn care Bellingham wa  we do not use pesticides and make the client so happy with the service, call us now Bellingham lawn care service for a free estimate

Controlling Disease

Lawn care Bellingham wa ,The majority of turf diseases are caused by fungi. Most likely, the disease will be seen in lawns that’ve been over-fertilized, not properly maintained, cut off too short or exposed to stress. The weather conditions can increase your risk of having issues.

In the majority of years, lawns don’t have any serious issues. Most of the diseases that do happen are self-limiting, with total damage being caused by the time the disease is discovered. Since the majority of lawns will not benefit from fungicide treatments and also because the chemicals are costly lawn care firms as well as homeowners shouldn’t apply fungicides to their lawns. Call the best lawn care Bellingham wa for a free estimate now.f


Lawn mowing Bellingham wa, mowing your lawn isn’t an effort when you have professionals take charge of it. Our lawn care staff has a knowledge of fertilizers and weed control products. We also know about designs and seasonal plants.

We stock all the required mowers, such as trimming machines, electric mowers, edgers and other mowers to ensure your grass stays gorgeous throughout the year.

Our Service79 lawn care Bellingham wa experts will conduct an extensive study of your lawn before they start with lawn maintenance and lawn mowing program.

We will study:

Different types of grass and soil Problem areas include compaction, diseases, soil and pet damage. Insects and pests damage lawns, shade and sun exposure, Grassy as well as broadleaf weeds

A perfect lawn will be a wide expanse of the emerald-green with every plant, tree and plant cut precisely. In the modern world, it can be difficult to maintain your lawn in a way that is well-maintained and gorgeous.

To find out more about the lawn mowing services Bellingham wa offered by service79 Contact us today to get best lawn care Bellingham wa.


Lawn care Bellingham wa, says most homeowners don’t understand the benefits of having their lawn that is detached and how often it is necessary to do it. First, let me clarify what it is. It’s a layer made up of dead and living grass clippings, shoots, stems and other organic materials like wood fibers, leaves, or leaves. Thatch isn’t necessarily bad but the build-up of too much up could deprive your lawn of minerals and nutrients it requires to flourish. The accumulation occurs when the lawn creates more organic matter than it can break down. This buildup can be reduced by cutting your grass on a regular schedule , and no cutting longer than 1/3 your overall grass blade’s length. We recommend Bellingham lawn mowing to accomplish this.

Although some thatch can be beneficial to your grass, excessive amounts can cause large root damage, and also house an abundance of pests and diseases. One method to reduce the buildup of thatch on your lawn is to keep your lawn fertilized correctly by testing the soil to determine the pH that the soil has. The soil that is acidic hinders the decomposition of thatch. If your soil is acidic, an application of lime can increase the pH and accelerate decomposition of thatch. There isn’t a set timetable for dethatching your lawn since every lawn’s requirements differ. In general, in this region of Bellingham Washington we suggest getting your lawn detached at least each two years. If your lawn has had a lot of fertilization, excessive watering or is not regularly mowed, you might need to get the lawn maintained more often. A lawn be aerated each year according to the recommendations by Lawn care Bellingham wa Services will also aid in reducing the amount of thatch on your lawn. Contact Service79 Bellingham lawn care service for a free estimate now.


If you’re in search of a Lawn care Bellingham wa expert to help you with your hydroseeding project, you’re in luck! In order to ensure that your hydroseeding project is an easy, and effortless process, we match you up to professionals in the area of Bellingham wa, Bellingham lawn care professionals who have the necessary qualifications and experience in hydroseeding as well as similar services.

Complete the form and tell us more about the hydroseeding plan in greater detail. We will match you with the right Bellingham wa, professional. We will provide all the necessary information such as the what’s next, the costs associated, a quotation and a timeframe for completion.

Sprinkler System Installation

Bellingham wa sprinkler system installation and repair, Are you fed up of having to spend many days manually watering your yard sprinklers and the effort of moving the sprinklers and hoses all across your lawn? Are you annoyed that despite all your efforts your lawn isn’t as well as it should be? Why not allow Service79 lawn care Bellingham to install an automatic sprinkler system that will ease your burden? Installing a sprinkler will be able to pay for itself in the long run by the amount you save by conserving water which is crucial to the city of Bellingham wa . We offer commercial and residential services to Bellingham wa and surrounding areas. Call us now to get the best sprinkler system installation in Bellingham wa.

Maintaining Soil Acidity

Lawn care Bellingham wa, A generous amount of fertilizer for your lawn could result in little if your pH reading, or acid balance, isn’t right. Your lawn will not be able to utilize the nutrients if your soil is acidic or alkaline. The majority of grass types thrive when pH lies somewhere between 6.5 between 6.5 and 7.0 (slightly slightly acidic).

Maintaining a healthy soil acidity can help in controlling weeds because certain undesirable plants thrive in more or less pH levels when compared to turf grasses. If you keep soil pH in the right range to support turfgrasses you provide your grass an edge when fighting plants.

Lawn care Bellingham wa will test the pH of your soil, and then apply lime, which decreases the acidity as required. Just call the best Lawn care Bellingham wa for free estimate

Lawn care Bellingham wa services pricing factors 

What does Bellingham wa lawn care service cost? This depends on the type of lawn care services you require. Mowing is typically between $29 and $65 the cost of yard cleanup varies between $170.50 and $374.30, and overseeding generally costs between $336 and $1,010 depending upon the size of your grass.

Lawn care Bellingham wa, The size of your lawn can affect the cost in two ways. If a lawn-care professional is charged per hour, a bigger lawn that requires more time is more expensive. Hourly rates can range between $25 and $60. If you pay per square foot — which isn’t as usual, but could be used in smaller yards, the same principles apply larger costs higher. The typical cost starts at a penny one cent per square foot.

The larger the lawn or the more services are required and the greater amount of manpower needed, and the more expensive the bill. If a lawn care Bellingham company is charged per-hour or job cost will likely be multiplied by how many employees needed to finish the task.

Bellingham Lawn care services come with many prices, with mowing being the most affordable. Certain lawn care services in Bellingham wa require additional labor or expensive equipment.

Below are the average amount that most U.S homeowners pay for standard lawn maintenance services:

Bellingham lawn mowing service cost.

The majority of homeowners will pay the range of $29-$65 to hire a professional lawn mowing in Bellingham wa. Be aware that the cost can vary according to the size of your lawn as well as how often you need service, as well as how tall your lawn is. If you haven’t cut your lawn in a while and your grass is tall, it may make it difficult for the pros to cut, leading to an increase in cost.

Lawn maintenance in Bellingham usually costs $35 to $70 an hour to mow your lawn. The bigger your yard the bigger the yard, the more expensive hiring a professional is. While many homeowners can cut the lawn on their own employing a professional lawn mower is typically convenient and saves your time.

Aeration service cost.

Aeration can increase the efficacy of fertilization and the overall condition of your lawn. Most often, it is done in the spring, the procedure involves using a device to make holes in the soil . This will let air, water and nutrients get into the roots and aid in promoting greater growth. With all the variables taken into consideration, the price of aeration is usually between 70 and $190.

Dethatching service cost.

Dethatching is a dense layer of dead and living organic matter, like grass clippings and leaves growing between the turf and the soil. It’s a natural element of your lawn, and has some benefits. If it’s less than a half-inch thick, it acts in the form of a mulch, which can preserve moisture and protect the soil.

However, once the thatch is about a half inch or 1-inch, accumulation could have negative effects on your lawn. A thick layer of thatch could stop fertilizer and water from reaching the root which causes grass to become stressed and dehydrated. It is also an ideal habitat for disease and pests.

The most lawn care experts charge an hourly rate of $175 or $200-$400 per square foot to remove the lawn. Call the best lawn care Bellingham wa, to get lawn Dethatching for a fair price now.

Weeding service cost.

The cost of controlling weeds varies depending on the dimensions that your lawn is, as well as the quantity of weeds it has and whether a single treatment is enough , or if your yard needs regular treatment. Common weeds, like crabgrass and dandelions aren’t harmful however some weeds, like Canada thistle, are harmful. Chickweed, creeping Charlie, and purslane are some of the most invasive plants. Herbicide applications range from $35-$120. Call the best Bellingham lawn care now, to get lawn weeding for a fair price.

fertilization service cost.

Regular fertilization can help keep your lawn healthy, thick and green. There are numerous options available that include granules or liquids, either slow or fast-release either synthetic or organic. In addition, the dimensions of your yard–will affect the cost, but regular fertilization typically ranges from $80 to $380.

Pest control service cost 

Aeration that is properly done can help in the development of effective pest control. Dead patches or brown spots on your lawn are a sign of an infestation of insects. One of the most harmful is white grubs. However, cutworms, chinch bug webworms, sod, and armyworms are also a problem. Pest control doesn’t just apply to insects. The voles and opossums can wreck the lawn. A visit to an expert pest control company usually costs between $200 and $300.Call the best Bellingham lawn care now, to get pest control service for a fair price.

seeding service cost.

A lawn seeding process can cost anywhere from between $90 and $180 per 1 square foot. The cost of seeding a new lawn is less than the reseeding of the lawn (replacement) since the latter involves taking out old grass, rototilling the soil, and amending the soil prior to planting. Renovation–sometimes called patch seeding–is less expensive because it addresses small areas where the grass is thin, damaged, or nonexistent.

Edging service cost.

Many homeowners like a tidy edge that clearly separates plants from lawn which makes maintaining them simpler. Sometimes referred to as landscape curbing, the edging process uses natural stone, concrete blocks wood, even PVC to make a striking separation and also help keep grass and weeds away from planting beds. Based on the number of linear feet that need to be installed, as depending on the kind of material used, prices vary from $700 to $1,700 to edging your garden. After edging is installed the majority of homeowners decide to mulch their garden beds. It is an additional expense that typically starts at $100 for each square yard.Call the best Bellingham lawn care now, to get lawn edging service for a fair price.

Sprinkler System Installation cost.

If you’re not able to find enough time to water the lawn or garden, the sprinkler set-up could be exactly what is needed to ensure that your lawn stays fit and well. The cost of a sprinkler set up by Bellingham lawn care costs is $3,596 for a system, with the most expensive cost ranging from $2,539 and $4,773. For a quarter-acre lawn homeowners should anticipate paying $2,080-$3,520 for sprinklers.

Sod Installation cost

In contrast to seeding, which could take anywhere from one to two years to develop into an established grass, sod installations could give you a brand fresh lawn right in front of your eyes.

On the average, sod costs by lawn care bellingham wa, from $0.30 and $0.83 in square feet. The majority of lawn maintenance professionals charge an additional fee for labor of $0.57 up to $0.93 for each square foot for the installation of sod. The homeowners are likely to pay $0.87 or $1.76 to $1.76 per square foot for labor and the materials.

advantages of hiring Lawn care Bellingham wa experts?

There are numerous advantages of hiring lawn care professionals that include:

It’s a great way to save time: For many homeowners, hiring a bellingham lawn care expert will take the responsibility of maintaining their lawn off their backs. Many people do not want to spend an entire Saturday morning in the scorching sun, driving the lawn mower.

Taking care of your lawn can take up a lot of time. Your day is full of a hectic job schedule, eating on the table and paying the bills. Don’t let lawn work interfere with the time you get to spend with your family and your friends.

Lawn Health A well-groomed lawn is beautiful. If you have professionals in the field it is certain that your lawn has everything it requires to grow, thrive and attract the attention of neighbors.

Professional Results Many options for maintaining your lawn are DIY projects that can be done in a few minutes. While they could save you a few bucks but your lawn could not have the special look that only professionals can offer. If you’re trying to get the best lawn on your block, hiring a professional could increase the curb appeal. Call the best Bellingham lawn care now, to get lawn service for a fair price.

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