Privacy Policy

services79, Inc. (“services79 ,” “we,” or “us”) respects the privacy rights of its online users and mobile app users. Our Privacy Policy explains how services79 collects, utilizes, and shares , and protects the information it collects about you. It also explains how services79 collects, shares and protects information about you. Privacy Policy also explains how you can change or access your personal information as well as make choices regarding how your personal information is used.

This Privacy Policy applies to our websites, which include mobile sites and mobile applications and websites as well as offline operations (“Services”) that are made accessible to users. This Privacy Policy is also applicable to the interaction with interactive features or downloads that (i) we control or own; (ii) are available via the Services and (iii) interact with the Services and publish or incorporate our Privacy Policy.

BY USING OUR SERVICES OR BY OTHERWISE GIVING US YOUR INFORMATION, YOU AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS PRIVACY POLICY. Read the Privacy policy carefully. If you are not acquiescing with this Privacy Policy, please do not use our services. Also, you should read the terms of Servicethat could be applicable to the use of our mobile and web-based applications. The Privacy Policy Privacy Policy is integrated as a reference to our Conditions of Service. We are able to amend the Privacy policy to incorporate any changes to our practices regarding information. Any modifications will become effective within a few days of the publication of the amended Privacy Policy. We will notify you of any changes via mail (sent to the email address you have provided within your profile) or via an announcement of our Services in advance of the date of effective. We recommend that you regularly check this page for the most up-to-date information about our privacy policies.

1. Information We Collect.

1.1 User Provided Information.

Personal Information. We might ask you to supply us with certain types of information like personally identifiable information. It includes information that could be reasonably used to identify you personally, like your name, companyname, your e-mail address as well as your mobile phone number (“Personal Data”). We can gather this information by filling out forms that are available in the Services such as the registration form for your account and contact us forms or any other time you interact via us. When you sign-up to access the Services you will be asked to create an account profile.

If you upload a picture when you sign up for our Services the image may be seen by us as well as by lawn care companies to enable them to confirm your identity. You are able to remove or change the image at any time through your account.

2. User Generated Content and Public Information.

The Services might provide public blogs, forums for community members or other methods to allow you to post images, concepts, ideas profile of users, writings or other content, such as music, video video recordings and computer-generated graphics photos, data, queries comments, suggestions, or any other material, which includes personal Information (collectively, “User Content”). We, or other parties, may duplicate, publicly display, or distribute or otherwise make use of User Content on or off the internet in any form or medium (currently in development or later). Other users may be able to access the User Content and be able to share it with third-party users on the Internet. It is important to be mindful that all User Content that you upload to these areas can be read, viewed and used by anyone who have access to the sites. So, be aware when deciding on the information you disclose with others, including Personal Information, in connection Your User Content. It is important to note that Company cannot control the individuals who have access to your information you decide to share publicly It is not able to guarantee that the parties with access to the information will be respectful of your privacy or protect it. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to any information you share publicly, with others , or upload, whether via the Services or not. We do not assume any responsibility in the truthfulness, accuracy, or misuse of information or information you provide or receive via the Services.

We could be able to publish the name of your person, your voice image as well as other Personal Information that forms included in your user content and we can make use of the content, or any part of it, to conduct publicity, advertising, marketing and other promotional purposes.

To request the removal or removal of User Content on our blogs, community forum, or other features, please contact us via our customer support. In certain instances we might not be in a position to remove the content of your user and in this case, we will inform you that we’re not able to do this and what the reason is.

3. Information Collected Through Your Access and Use of the Services.

In addition to the data that you directly provide for us to process, as well as our third-party service suppliers may utilize a variety or technologies that automatically collect data whenever you browse or interact with our Service (“Usage Information”). The Usage Information could include the web browser you’re using as well as the URL that directed your to the Services as well as all areas of our Services that you access as well as the time of day, in addition to other data. We make use of Usage Information for a variety of purposes, such as to improve or enhance the Services. We also collect your IP address, or any another unique identification number (“Device Identifier”) for your personal computer or mobile device that is used in order to connect with the Service (“Device”). Usage Information could not be identifying or could be linked to your. When we associate usage Information as well as a device Identifier in conjunction with Personal Information We will treat the information as personal Information.

Furthermore, tracking data is also collected when you use our Services, which may include but not limited to geolocation. If you’re receiving lawn care services through one of our services, then the lawn-care service provider’s smartphone will transmit the coordinates of your GPS when you are receiving the lawn care service for our server. The majority of GPS enabled mobile devices are able to determine a person’s location 50 feet or less. We use this information to serve a variety of purposes, such as to calculate the duration of our lawn maintenance service as well as to offer customer support to communicate special offers and promotions in order to improve our Services and for internal business reasons.

We can also gather Usage Information using the following techniques or methods to mention some of them:

Cookies. A cookie is a file stored on a device in order for access to Services. The Flash Cookie is type of data file stored on a Device through Adobe Flash, an Adobe Flash plug-in that may be integrated into or downloaded through your device. These cookies and flash Cookies can be used to serve a variety of functions for example, but not limited to the ability to remember you and your preferences, and keeping track of your visits to our website pages. Cookies function by assigning an code to the person, which does not have any significance beyond the site that assigned it.

Your browser lets you reject or accept or reject the usage of cookies. Cookies can be turned off or set by setting a preference inside your browser, or on your device. If you do disable Cookies or Flash Cookies on your device and the Services might not function as intended or be unable to personalize the way in which you receive information. The Company does not have control over any use made of the cookies (or the information that they yield) by third-party providers as well as the usage of cookies from third parties is not covered in the Privacy Policy.

Web Beacons. Small graphics or computer codes referred to as web beacons are often used on mobile and website pages and in our messages. Web beacons are small images that have an identifier unique to them, similar to cookies they are utilized to track online movements of Web users. As opposed to cookies that are stored on the computer’s hard drive Web beacons are invisible within Web pages. Web beacons and similar technologies allow us to better manage the content we offer in our Services by letting us know the content that is most effective, determining the number of users using the Services as well as monitor how users navigate through the Services and determine how many emails we send out were actually read or the amount of particular pages or articles were actually seen. We don’t link the information collected through web beacons to customers’ personal data.

Embedded Scripts. An embedded script is a piece of computer code created to gather information regarding your interactions with the Services like the websites you visit. The code is downloaded onto your device via our server on the internet or a Third party provider of services. The code it is in effect only when you connect to the Services and then is removed or deleted afterward.

4. Information Third Parties Provide About You.

We may at times add information that we gather about you on our website or mobile Application with information from third party sources to improve our ability to provide you with the best service, to personalize our content for you , and to provide you with the opportunity to purchase products or services we believe might be relevant to you. We may also combine data we get from these sources with information that we collect from the Services. In such cases we’ll use the terms of this Privacy Policy for any Personal Information received except if we have informed you other information.

5. Information You Provide About a Third Party.

If you decide to recommend someone else in the Services we will request to provide the name of the person you refer them to, their telephone number, physical address along with their email. We will then send the person an email once to invite users to go on a visit at and will also send incentives and an opportunity to utilize the Services. We will store this information to serve purposes of sending the one-time email and for tracking the use for our services. We will not use the information for any other purpose, including marketing purposes unless we get permission from the individual or specifically state otherwise. Be aware that when you input the email address of the recipient address via our Services Your name, e-mail address , and physical address might be part of the email that is sent an email to the person.

6. Geolocation Data.

In relation to the geolocation information we collect via Mobile Devices, we use the geolocation data for a variety of reasons, including to establish the place from which you to request Services and to monitor the how the Services and then provide that information to you and your lawn-care provider, so that they can send you offers and promotions as well as to permit you (if you decide to use any of the features we offer) to communicate this information to others. As long as it is not prohibited by this Privacy Policy we will not disclose the information with any third party to any reason, and will utilize this information solely for the goal for providing Services. You may at any point stop allowing our Services to access your location by switching this feature off at mobile Device level.

We also supply certain of your personal information (such as your initial name email address, address for email or phone number, as well as your the address of your physical location) to your lawn care service to ensure that the lawn care provider can reach out and find you. We might associate your unique mobile Device identification number or other Service usage information with the Personal Information that you provide, but we’ll treat the information that is combined as personal Information.

7. Information gathered through Information gathered from Care Providers and Other Applicants.

If you are applying for a job through our website, we’ll gather Personal Information like your name email address, address, phone number and insurance information such as driver’s license, social security number, and we may gather additional information like your resume, gender, as well as your ethnicity. The information we collect in this section of our website to determine your skills for the job you’ve submitted your application and to call you to schedule an interview.

7.1 Use of the Collected Information.

If you sign up to create your account, we’ll send you a welcome message and promotional emails to invite you to take advantage of our Services. We will also be in contact with you to respond to your questions and to offer the services you request, as well as to monitor your account. We will contact you via email, phone as well as push notifications. texts or SMS.

We use your personal information to determine what features of our Services are the most frequently used for you, and also to let you review your history with lawn maintenance, keep your credit card details on a secure site to look up any promotions we might be running and to rate the Services and to enhance your experience with the Services. The information about your credit card that you enter in your profile on sign-up is not kept by us, but it is stored and utilized by our third-party credit card processors to process payments due to third parties to pay for transportation services that are provided from you.

Your IP address is used to diagnose issues on our server computer as well as to manage the operation of our website(s). Your IP number is used to locate you. However, it it contains no information regarding your personal data.

We will send you transactional-related communications in connection with the Services. These communications can include but aren’t only limited to announcements of lawn-care services that are being or will be offered as well as transactional summaries, maintenance notices or other disruption alerts. You are generally not able to refuse to receive these notifications that are not marketing in the sense that they are promotional in.

Additionally, we can utilize your Personal Information, or Usage Information we have collected about you: (1) to provide you with services or information or to process transactions you have requested or consented to receive. This includes sending your electronic newsletters or to send you promotional or special offers for us or other third organizations; (2) to process your registration to the Services as well as to confirm that your personal information is current and current; (3) to improve the Services or our products and to personalize your experience on or through the Services or to offer you with content that is relevant to your needs; (4) to allow you to take part in a range of Services features, such as sweepstakes for mobile or online entry or contests; (5) to contact you regarding your usage or use of Services and, at our discretion, to make changes of our Services or the Services policy; (6) for internal business purposes; (7) for inclusion in our data analytics and (8) for other purposes that are disclosed at the time you give your personal information, or in accordance with the other conditions specified within this Privacy Policy.

It is important to note that information sent to the Services through an “contact us” or other similar method may not get an answer.

7.2 Disclosure of Information to Third Parties.

We might share non-personally identifiable data like log data with third parties to conduct analysis of industry trends, demographic profiling, in order to provide specific advertisements about other services or products as well as for other business-related purposes. We do not share, sell with others, rent or trade information we’ve gathered regarding you and your Personal Information in any way other than that stated in this Privacy Statement or at the time that you supply your personal information. We will not give your Personal Information to third parties for the third companies’ marketing purposes directly unless you agree to the disclosure at the point that you give us your Personal Information.

8. When you agree to receive Information from third parties.

You might be offered the opportunities to receive marketing and information offers directly from third party. If you choose to receive your Personal Information disclosed with third parties, your information will be shared with third parties. Your Personal Information will be made available to these third parties, and any information you provide is in compliance with the privacy policies and practices of the third parties. We are not accountable to the policies or practices of third parties. Consequently you must be aware of their privacy practices and policies those third parties prior to deciding to receive data from them. If you decide later that you no longer wish to receive communications from a third-party then you must make contact with that third party directly.

9. Third Parties Providing Services on Our Behalf.

We employ third party businesses and individuals to provide our Services, or to provide or execute certain aspects of our Service on our behalf. We may give vendors access to information about users which includes Personal Information, this information sharing is limited to what is required by the vendor in order to perform the tasks they perform for either you or us. All of these vendors are not required to divulge or use Personal Information for any other reason.

We may employ third-party analysis service providers in order to analyze the effectiveness of our services and to provide data regarding the use of our Services and the viewing of our content We do not share your Personal Information with these service providers for analytics However, they can use as well as access and read their personal web beacons, cookies or embedded software on your device and could also be able to access or collect details about you, which includes non-personally identifiable data.

We utilize a third party hosting company to host our support section on our website. Information that is collected in the support section on our site is governed under the Privacy Policy.

10. Contests and Promotions.

There may be sweepstakes, contests and other promotions (any or called a “Promotion”) through the Services which may require registration. Participating in the Promotion you agree to the official rules that govern the Promotion and may contain specific conditions for you and include, for example, the permission of the promoter for the Promotion to make use of the name of your voice,, and/or image in any marketing or advertisement connected with the Promotion. If you decide to participate in the Promotion your Personal Information could be disclosed to third-party people or the general public as part of the administration of the Promotion as well as the winners choosing, the awarding of prizes as permitted by law or allowed in the official rules of the Promotion like winners lists.

11. Legal Reasons.

We cooperate with federal as well as law enforcement authorities, as well as private organizations to enforce and comply with the laws. We may, therefore, use, access, save the information you provide us, and transfer it and/or disclose it to others. details (including Personal Information), and even disclose it to third entities, including government and law enforcement officers, or private parties when we consider necessary and appropriate: (i) to satisfy any applicable laws, regulations subpoenas or government demands or legal processes; (ii) to protect and defend the Terms of Service applicable to mobile and online services and other policies applicable to all mobile and online Services, which includes investigation of possible violations; (iii) to protect the safety, rightsor property or security of the services79 such as our Services, or any other third entity; (iv) to protect the security of the public, regardless of motive; (v) to detect and prevent or resolve security, fraud or other issues or technical issues; or (vi) to detect or stop activities we think in the past to be or present a risk of being, illegal, unprofessional or legally enforceable activity. We may also use IP addresses or other device identifiers to identify users and collaborate with third parties , such as copyright owners Internet service providers, copyright owners wireless service providers as well as law enforcement organizations and may also disclose such information to third parties, but all at our discretion. Disclosures of this kind can be made without prior notifying you.

12. Business Transfer.

We may share your personal information that includes any of your Personal Information and Usage Information with our subsidiaries, parents and affiliates in order to meet internal needs. We are able to disclose and transfer the entire data: (i) to a subsequent owner, co-owner , or owner of the Services or the relevant database or database; or (ii) when it is related to a merger, consolidation or restructuring, consolidation and the sale of a significant portion of all our membership interests or assets, or another corporate change, such as in the process of conducting any due diligence procedure.

12.1 Behavioral Advertising and Opt-Out.

Targeted advertising (also called Behavioral Advertising) utilizes data gathered on a person’s web or mobile web browsing patterns including the websites they’ve visited as well as the search queries they’ve made. The information used is then used to decide which ads are displayed to a specific person on other websites than our site. For example, if , for instance, you have indicated a preference for football when you visit our site it could be possible to see an advertisement for football-related gear whenever you visit a website that is not our site. The data collected is connected to an unidentified cookie, it does not contain any information that can be tied to a specific person for example, their address, name and credit card numbers. The data used to target advertisements is provided by us or websites owned by third parties.

If you’d like to opt-out of targeted ads from us which occurs when you visit our third-party advertising publishers Please click here to go to the NAI Opt-Out page. Be aware that this will take you out of targeted advertisements from us and other advertisers who are participating. If you do not opt out, you will continue to receive online ads from us, however the advertisements might not be appropriate to you.

To allow opt-outs for behavioral ads to function on your Device Your browser needs to be configured to accept cookies. If you erase cookies, purchase a new device, log in to our services from another device, log in with a different screen name or change browsers, you’ll need to opt-out once more. If your browser’s scripting is disabled, you don’t need to opt out since online behavioral technology will not function if the scripting feature is turned off. Check the security options of your web browser in order to determine whether or not scripting is activated or disabled.

In addition, many advertising platforms permit you to see and control the categories of interest they’ve created from your web browsing habits. These interest categories can help you identify the kind of targeted ads you could receive. It is the NAI Opt-Out Page provides a tool to identify its members who have cookies in your browser , and also provides the links to those businesses.

12.2 Third Party Content and Links to Third Party Services.

The Services could contain content supplied by a third party and these third parties could gather information about the use of websites as well as your device Identifier when pages of any mobile or online Services are delivered in your web browser. Furthermore, when you use our Services, it is possible that you might be directed to other websites or applications operated and managed by third parties which we don’t manage. We are not accountable in the policies regarding your privacy used by these third party. For instance, if you select a banner advertising and click, it may redirect you off of one of our sites to another website. These websites could transmit your cookies, and independently collect information or request Personal Information and may or may not have privacy policies that are published. When you leave our site or Services, be sure to review the privacy policies of any third-party websites and applications prior to submitting any personal Information to any third party.

12.3 Social Media Features.

Our Services could include social media-related features, like our Facebook Like button widgets, such as the “Share This” button, or interactive mini-programs which run on our mobile and online Services. These features could capture your IP address, the pages you’re visiting when you use our mobile or online Services, and use a cookie to allow the feature to function correctly. The social media widgets and features are hosted by a third-party or directly hosted through our online services. All interactions that you make with such widgets and features are subject to the privacy policies of the provider.

12.4 Changing Your Information and Cancelling Your Account.

You are accountable for maintaining the accuracy of details you provide us, including the contact information you provide in the account registration process. If you change your Personal Information, or in the event that you no longer want our services, you can rectify, erase inaccuracies or alter information by making the changes through our member Information page, or by reaching us via our customer support. We will use our best efforts to update the information in our database that is currently active in the shortest time possible.

You may also opt to either cancel or modify your account as well as the emails you’ve chosen to be receiving from the Services using the instructions included in an e-mail, or by login to your user account and changing your preferences in regards to communications.

We will store the Personal Information and Usage Information (including geolocation) for the duration of time that your Account with us Services is in use and as necessary to provide you with services. After your account is cancelled, we will maintain your personal Information along with Usage Information (including geolocation, lawn care history, credit card details and transactions history) in order to ensure compliance to our regulatory and legal obligations. We will also settle disputes, end any activities associated with the cancellation of your account (such as addressing chargebacks issued by the credit card company) and investigate or stop fraudulent activity and other illegal activities as well as for the purpose of enforcing our obligations and for any other reason that is business-related. After a time your information may be anonymized and aggregated and may then be kept by us for as long as is necessary to effectively provide our services however, our use of your anonymized data is strictly for analysis purposes.

12.5 No Children.

Our Services are not targeted towards minors. No one less than 18 (and absolutely no children less than 13) is allowed to sign up on or access the Services. We don’t knowingly gather Personal Information from anyone under the age of 18. If we learn that we have obtained Personal Information from a person younger than 18 years of age, we will remove it as soon as is reasonably feasible. If you are a parent or guardian of a minor under the age of eighteen (18) and believe he or she has disclosed Personal Information to us, please contact us at [email protected]

12.6 Security.

We ensure that the Personal Information and Usage Information that we collect is stored securely within our databases. Furthermore, we employ industry-standard acceptable security methods like firewalls, encryption, as well as SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to protect your personal information including any portion from your credit/debit card numbers that we keep (we do not keep the entire credit card data) as well as geolocation information. However, as efficient as encryption technology may be however, no security system is invulnerable. We cannot ensure your database’s security, neither do we assure you that information you submit isn’t intercepted as it is transferred to us via wireless communication or the Internet or wireless communications, and any information you send to us via services79 is at you are at are at your own risk. We suggest that you do not divulge your password to anyone.

12.7 Your California Privacy Rights.

The California’s “Shine the Light” law, California Civil Code SS 1798.83 is a law that requires certain businesses to respond to inquiries made by California consumers (those who have a relations with us) seeking information about the company practices related to the disclosure of Personal Information to third parties to use for specific marketing needs. Additionally, they may adopt the policy of not disclosing the personal information of their customers in order to use it for purposes of direct marketing by third parties purposes unless the client first affirmatively consents to sharing (opt-in) or when the customer has exercised the option to opt-out from the sharing of information (opt-out).

We have chosen this approach and we don’t share customer’s personal information with third parties for purposes of direct marketing by third parties purposes unless you have provided us with consent when you submit this information to us.

12.8 Information Processed And Stored In The United States.

Information we gather, including, Personal Information, will be stored and processed by the United States. The information you provide to us, including your Personal Information may be subject to access requests by governments and courts or law enforcement officials in the United States according to laws of the United States. When you use the Services or giving us the information we request, you agree to the storage and processing of your personal information within the United States.